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It’s time to rethink veterans.

Everyone thinks of veterans in a certain way, and sometimes our subconscious opinions can have serious consequences on how returning service members integrate back into our community.

Returning vets are all too often looked at as either ”broken” or ”heroes.”

Common misperceptions are that veterans are unprepared for civilian employment, mentally fragile, overly aggressive or passive followers. Their psychological and mental health is sometimes questioned, when in fact, the percentage of veterans with mental health challenges is nearly the same as that of the civilian population.

They are often pigeonholed by skills translators as perfect fits to become truck drivers, security guards or mechanics - all respectable positions that may not take advantage of the full depth of veterans' extensive skill sets.

It’s time we made the most of this undervalued resource.

Veterans are people, too. They just have a different life experience.

Get to know them and ask them questions, like why they joined the military, what they did and what they learned. You may be surprised at the experiences they share, their worldview and their knowledge and skills.

It's time to get involved.

Thank you for rethinking veterans, and for being part of the solution. Learn more and spread the word.

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Looking for services? If you are a veteran looking for support, PAServes can connect you with a network of resources from superior legal, housing and emergency service providers to employment, recreation and fitness, financial capabilities and more. Learn more.